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Fault Detection for Networked Control Systems with Long Time-delay of Asynchronous Clock


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Fault Detection for Networked Control Systems with Long Time-delay of Asynchronous Clock
LI XuanWU Xiao-beiHU Wei-liFAN Wei-hua
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
networked control systems fault detection switched systems long time-delays
Focusing on a class of networked control systems with long time-delay and asynchronous sampling clock,the robust H∞ state observer with delay compensation is designed to detect faults when they occur in the system.When the system is normal,the observer system is modeled as uncertain discrete linear switched system.Based on the model,the robust stability condition of the system and the performance value of H∞ norm are given in terms of a group of linear matrix inequalities.When a fault occurs,the observer residue can change rapidly to detect the fault.A numerical example shows the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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