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Skew Detection of Document Images Using Mathematical Morphology and Hough Transform


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Skew Detection of Document Images Using Mathematical Morphology and Hough Transform
WU Xin1ZHANG Zhi-wei2
1.School of Computer Science Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Engineering Science,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230027,China
skew detection document image processing mathematical morphology Hough transform
To solve the problems that the existent methods detecting skew of documents have difficulties in precision,accuracy or speed,a method based on mathematical morphology and the Hough transform is presented.Morphology method is used to smooth the document image,eliminate the pixel noise and detect the edge of the text row,and the Hough Transform is applied to detect the skew angle.In order to improve the performance,fast morphology image transforms are implemented.The detection time for A4 paper is 1.78 s,and the biggest error is 0.2°.The test results show that this method is precise,accurate,fast and robust.


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