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Propagation of Decentered Twist Anisotropic Gaussian-Schell Model Beam in Turbulent Atmosphere


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Propagation of Decentered Twist Anisotropic Gaussian-Schell Model Beam in Turbulent Atmosphere
WANG Hai-yanLI Xiang-yin
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
laser propagation decentered twisted anisotropic Gaussian-Schell model beams turbulent atmosphere complex curvature tensors
Based on the extended Huygens-Fresnel integral,analytical formulas are derived for the propagation of a decentered twisted anisotropic Gaussian-Schell model(DTAGSM) beam in a turbulent atmosphere by the use of partially coherent complex curvature tensor.Propagation properties of a DTAGSM beam in a turbulent atmosphere are investigated in detail.It is found that a DTAGSM beam becomes a circular and non-decentered beam in a turbulent atmosphere.Decentered parameter along with the propagation distance decreases more slowly as turbulent strength decreases,twisted parameters increase and coherence slows down.Using partially coherent complex curvature tensor in treating the propagation and transformation of all classes of Gaussian-Schell model beams is a useful and convenient method.


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