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Optimization Design of New Ignition System for Pulse Detonation Engine


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Optimization Design of New Ignition System for Pulse Detonation Engine
JIANG Ri-hong1WU Xiao-song1YU Ling1CHEN Zhi-gang2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Commissarial Room for Army of Changzhi,General Armament Department of PLA,Changzhi 046000,China
pulse detonation engines flame jet ignition deflagration to detonation transition conventional spark ignition two-dimensional numerical simulation
A new ignition system is applied to pulse detonation engine(PDE),which is a flame jet ignition(FJI) system,to enhance a deflagration to detonation transition(DDT) time and length.Main subjects are studied: to change the FJI parameters of the length,diameter and nozzle diameter,to optimize the best configuration of FJI sub-chamber to obtain its basic design,to compare the results with the process time of DDT of the conventional spark ignition(CSI) system.The most effective structure of the subchamber for the PDE is that the nozzle diametre is 4 mm,the length is 10 mm and the volume is 3.8 cm3.The FJI system is shown to be a more effective ignition system to shorten DDT time by a factor of 1.26 comparing with the CSI system.


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