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Influence of Ratio of Length to Width of Semiconductor Bridge on Its Firing Performance


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Influence of Ratio of Length to Width of Semiconductor Bridge on Its Firing Performance
ZHOU BinQIN Zhi-chunMAO Guo-qiang
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
semiconductor bridge plasma function time critical firing voltage
Firing by capacitance discharge,the influence of the ratio of length to width of the semiconductor bridge(SCB) on its electro-explosive performances,such as critical firing voltage,function time and energy consumption,is investigated.The plasma function mechanism of SCB is used to explain the experimental results.For the SCB with same mass and impurity concentration,the ratio of length to width just shows a little influence on the critical firing voltage,while the function time and the energy consumption decreases with the increase of the ratio of length to width.


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