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Critical Damage of Thin Plate under Contact Explosion Loading


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Critical Damage of Thin Plate under Contact Explosion Loading
SHI Xing-hua1ZHANG Jing2WANG Shan2
1.School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,Jiangsu University of Scienceand Technology,Zhenjiang 212003,China;2.School of Civil Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
explosion loading thin plate critical damage dynamic fracture
According to the detonation theory,the wave solution of plate plastic dynamic response and the dynamic fracture criterion,the critical blasting charge is theoretically derived when onset of initial circumferential crack namely critical damage happens in the thin plate under explosions.The theoretical expression of critical deformation is also obtained.The theoretical results are compared with the experimental results in the published literature and the numerical simulation results through an example.The reults are in agreement.It is shown that the method here can perfectly solve the critical damage of thin plate under contact explosions.


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