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Novel Analysis Method for Distributed Parameter Interconnect Networks


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Novel Analysis Method for Distributed Parameter Interconnect Networks
JI Xiao-pengGE LongWANG Zhi-quan
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
distributed parameter networks interconnect networks linear networks frequency domain analysis systematic analysis modified nodal approach
In order to analyze the networks containing distributed elements effectively,the networks are divided into linearly lumped networks and linear subnetworks consisting of distributed elements,such as distributed interconnect lines.The network equations of the lumped parts with traditional modified nodal approach(MNA) are set up in frequency domain,and the equations of distributed subnetworks are added into the lumped equations with the expression of admittance matrix.The proposed method extends applications of MNA from lumped networks to networks containing distributed parameter elements,and can be applied to general distributed parameter network analysis.Simulation results demonstrate the validity of the method.The simulation time of the method is only 25% of HSPICE.


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