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Dynamic Response and Optimization for Composites Directional Tube


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Dynamic Response and Optimization for Composites Directional Tube
ZHANG Zhong-li1YU Cun-gui2MA Da-wei2LE Gui-gao2
1.School of Vehicle and Power Engineering,Henan University of Science and Technology,Luoyang 471003,China;2.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
composites directional tubes dynamic finite element method response
In order to hold the dynamic mechanical performance of composites directional tube and understand the dynamic response results of stress,strain and deformation displacement for composites directional tube,a mechanical model of bearing load of composites directional tube is established.A simulation model of rocket projectile launch process is established and simulation calculation is done with dynamic finite element method.Optimization analysis by comparison is done for the thickness values of directional tube wall.The results indicate that the dynamic finite element method is an effective approach for simulation calculation,the response stress and strain of composites directional tube are bigger at the start stage of launch,and that the response stress and deformation displacement of composites directional tube end is bigger than forepart.The rational range of thickness values of directional tube wall is from 3.6mm to 4.1mm.The study provides references for research and manufacture of composites directional tube of some rocket launcher.


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