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Roll Angle Measurement of High-spinning Projectile Based on Magnetic Sensors Unit


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Roll Angle Measurement of High-spinning Projectile Based on Magnetic Sensors Unit
LI Ding1ZHAO Cheng-gang2BU Xiong-zhu1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Mechanical Engineering Department,Anyang Institute of Technology,Anyang 455000,China
sensors magnetic materials projectiles magnetic sensors unit high-spinning projectiles roll angles spin rates
In allusion to the problem that the harmful acceleration consisting of a three-axis magnetic sensor and accelerometers on projectile to measure attitude angles is difficult to remove or compensate,a new scheme comprising magnetic sensors installed in a particular way is designed.Two novel calculation methods called zero crossing method and the ratio of extremum method are adopted based on the configuration of sensors,make the scheme be applicable for the carrier which has linear acceleration.The mathematical expressions of the magnetic field along the sensitive axis of sensors are deduced,the two novel methods are demonstrated and a numerical simulation is worked out.The comparison of the two methods and the error analysis are given based on the simulation.The result indicates that the roll angle and the axial angular rate can be solved by the two methods.Compared with the zero crossing method,the ratio of extremum method is better,because more information and single value of attitude angles can be obtained,the calculated attitude angles are more accurate,and the errors of the angles are decayed faster.


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