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Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Muzzle Flow Field Coupling with Interior Ballistic Process


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Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Muzzle Flow Field Coupling with Interior Ballistic Process
YU WeiZHU BinZHANG Xiao-bing
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
gun muzzles flow fields interior ballistics unstructured grids coupling projectiles
The muzzle flow fields after projectiles are driven inside guns are simulated to enhance firing precision.Coupled with interior ballistics process,the initial flow field and the flow field change before and after the projectile shoots out are analyzed.The classical model of interior ballistics is established to simulate the gas in bore,and an aerodynamic model of two dimension and axially symmetry is established to simulate the muzzle flow field.The two models are coupled by the resistance of the pressure in front of the projectile.The influence of the moving projectiles is also considered in simulating process by use of the method of unstructured grids.The numerical results are in good agreement with the experimental ones.Shockwaves of muzzle flow fields are obtained cleanly.Conclusions are drawn through simulations as follows:axial mach number distribution at the time 1.5 ms after the projectile fly out of muzzle is obtained;the maximum mach number is 6.32 at that time;the velocity of powder gas decreases to the subsonic after shockwaves.The pressure simultaneously has step offsets when shockwaves operate.


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