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Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm to Optimization Design of Projectile Structure


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Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm to Optimization Design of Projectile Structure
LI Ke-jingZHANG Xiao-bing
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
genetic algorithms genetic operators projectiles projectile structures optimization
To solve the complex models of projectile structures,an intelligent optimization method is put forward.An improved genetic operator based on real coding is used,including the niche concept and the best-keeping after operation of the genetic operators in each.Hamming distance is used to replace the worse individual of current generation by the best one of the father generation.Taking a projectile’s structure design for example,and comparing the optimization algorithm with the original one,the numerical simulations show that the projectile’s structure has better shape to reduce the drag,with the flying time shortened by 5.3%.The improved genetic algorithm is more effective in realizing the global optimization and promoting evolution efficiency,and has stronger adaptability in solving complex optimization problems.


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