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Design and Experiment on Fluidic Low-frequency and High-intensity Sound Generator


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Design and Experiment on Fluidic Low-frequency and High-intensity Sound Generator
WANG JianWU Jun-jiTAO Gang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
acoustic generators fluidics low frequency high intensity sound gas dynamics
To solve the problems of the fluidic low-frequency and high-intensity sound generator,such as lower sound pressure,more complex equipments,worse acoustic character tune and repetition,a new low-frequency and high-intensity sound generator is designed.The generator is powered by compressed air and adjusted by electromotor.It is acoustically designed by one-dimensional traveling-wave theory of aerodynamics,conservation equations,Bernoulli’s equations and acoustic theory.Flow field’s pressure distribution character is obtained by computation fluid dynamics(CFD) controlled equations model of ideal-compressible-gas steady flow,structure mesh,semi-implicit method for pressure-linked equations(SIMPLE) algorithm.To validate its acoustic character,an on-site sound generation test is experimented.The test results and design values are consistent,which verifies that this low-frequency and high-intensity generator has 50 Hz low frequency,181 dB high intensity,repetitive and adjustable acoustic characteristics.The results offers test sound source for yawp hurt,high-intensity sound source industry appliance and acoustic weapons.


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