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Investigation on Pressure Properties of Capillary Ablation Plasma and Jet


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Investigation on Pressure Properties of Capillary Ablation Plasma and Jet
LIU Dong-yaoGUO Hai-boYU Yong-gangZHOU Yan-huang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
plasmas ablation plasma plasma jets pressure thrust
To investigate the influences of ablation plasma and jet to the interior ballistics of electrothermal propulsion in the ignition and augment of propellant combustion,the pressure-time profiles of plasma and jet are studied experimentally,and the thrust-time profiles are tested primarily.The thrust of plasma jet is calculated by the thrust equations and the parameters of jets.The experimental results indicate that the pressure amplitudes of plasma and the jets depend on the power of pulse power system.There are time delay between the pressure of plasma and jets,and the later dissipates more quickly than the former.The measured thrusts oscillate for a relative long time,and the peak values of thrusts are synchronous with the pressure of jets.The calculation results of thrust agree with the experimental ones.


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