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Rapid Doppler Frequency Offset Acquisition and Tracking Algorithm of Satellite Communication


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Rapid Doppler Frequency Offset Acquisition and Tracking Algorithm of Satellite Communication
LIU Jian-feng12DONG Jin-chun2SHEN Lian-feng1ZHUANG Zhi-hong3
1.Department of Radio Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China;2.Postdoctoral Workstation,Panda Electrical Group Ltd.,Nanjing 210002,China;3.School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
signal receivers communication satellites Doppler effect frequency shift autoregressive models Kalman filters
In order to reduce the channel error rate of Ka-band mobile satellite communication system,the paper deduces a method of rapid Doppler frequency offset acquisition on the basis of π/4-DQPSK modulation.In the tracking phase,an autoregressive model is used to establish the mode of colored noise,and the Kalman algorithm is used to filter it.The simulation results show that the mean-square value between the estimated value and practical value becomes smaller along with the time and the parameters of the noise mode reaching high precision in a short time.In the Doppler frequency offset tracking,the estimated value converges to the theoretical value along with tracking time.The Doppler frequency offset tracking algorithm put forward here is feasible and the Kalman algorithm ensures the estimated value converges reliably in the period of the tracking phase.


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