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Analysis and Study of k-Anycast Communication Model in IPv6


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Analysis and Study of k-Anycast Communication Model in IPv6
WANG Xiao-nan12TANG Zhen-min1QIAN Huan-yan1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School ofComputer Science and Engineering,Changshu Institute of Technology,Changshu 215500,China
internet protocols communication information theory scalability IPv6 Anycast objects
In an IPv6 simulation environment,this paper extends the original Anycast concept and proposes the concept of k-Anycast communication model in IPv6 which allows k servers to cooperate with each other to accomplish a task to solve the Anycast existing scalability problem.This model can achieve dynamic join and leave of k-Anycast object without restrictions of physical location.In addition,this model can route k-Anycast service request messages to the nearest k-Anycast object that can provide the requested service,which makes it possible that all k-Anycast service request messages can be evenly distributed around the k-Anycast objects and be dealt with by the nearest k-Anycast object efficiently.In an IPv6 simulation environment,this k-Anycast communication model is applied to content delivery network(CDN) and the experimental data demonstrates that k-Anycast communication model not only enhances the service quality but also effectively saves the network bandwidth.


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