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Congestion Adaptive Routing Protocol Based on AODV in Ad Hoc Network


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Congestion Adaptive Routing Protocol Based on AODV in Ad Hoc Network
JIANG Dao-xia12LIU Feng-yu1
1.Institute of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Department of Computer Technology and Artistic Design,Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College ofFinance and Economics,Huaian 223003,China
neighbour congestion table primary route bypass congestion adaptation congestion adaptive Ad Hoc on demand distance vector routing protocol
This paper proposes a concept of neighbour congestion table,improves Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector(AODV) Protocol on the base of bypass,neighbour congestion table,hello message and Next Green-hop Requset(NGRQ) systems.A routing protocol of congestion adaptive Ad Hoc on demand distance vector(CA-AODV) is proposed.In CA-AODV protocol,a primary node can be aware of network congestion immediately by using neighbour congestion table.When congestion happens,the previous node of congested node on the primary route can discover a bypass on-demand to bypass the congestion node.When data flow gets to the node with a bypass,they are distributed in primary path and bypass proportionally.As a result,it can realize the congestion adaptive function.The simulation results show that the CA-AODV protocol can obtain less delay from the average end to end,higher data delivery ratio,less normalized overhead as compared to AODV.


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