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Network Hotspot Topic Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-center Model


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Network Hotspot Topic Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-center Model
WANG WeiYANG WuQI Hai-feng
Information Security Research Center,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
topic detection hotspot topics multi-center single-pass clustering
In order to effectively eliminate the effect that the diversification of network topic related focuses have on the accuracy of network hotspot topic detection,a network topic multiple-center model is proposed.The association between story contents is layered,and the description ability for network topic is improved.A network hotspot topic detection algorithm based on the multi-center model is proposed,the topic centers are used to distinguish whether a new story belongs to an existing topic.The proposed algorithms based on single-pass clustering,the computation overhead is optimized by introducing topic center.The experimental results show that network topics can be detected entirely and accurately,and at the same time the performance is comparatively perfect.The proposed algorithm can be applied in hotspot topic detection in large-scale networks with dynamic data stream environments.


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