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Soccer Video Shot Segmentation Based on Self-adapting Dual Threshold and Dominant Color Percentage


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Soccer Video Shot Segmentation Based on Self-adapting Dual Threshold and Dominant Color Percentage
ZHANG Yu-zhenWANG Jian-yuDAI Yue-wei
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
shot segmentation cuts gradual transitions dominant color percentage dual thresholds
To efficiently detect shots for soccer video,a shot segmentation algorithm based on self-adapting dual threshlod and dominant color percentage is presented here.In the algorithm,a sliding window is used and two local self-adapting thresholds are obtained on the base of color histogram,and the dominant color of the frame is computed in the HSV color space.Based on the cylinder distance,the dominant color pixels are achieved and the dominant color percentage of the frame is obtained.With the combination of dual threshold and dominant color percentage,the soccer video’s shots are detected.The experimental results prove that this algorithm can detect cuts and gradual transitions efficiently and make a good structurization base for semantic-based soccer video retrieval.


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