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Dual-band Low Level Light Image Real-time Registration Based on Pixel Spatial Correlation Degree


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Dual-band Low Level Light Image Real-time Registration Based on Pixel Spatial Correlation Degree
ZHANG YiBAI Lian-faCHEN QianGU Guo-hua
Ministerial Key Laboratory of JGMT,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
image registration color night vision pixel spatial relativity gray-scale symbiotic matrix
In view of the problem of the complexity of different spectrum image registration arithmetics,low registration precision and bad real-time property,an evaluation method of the dual-channel image fusion effect based on pixel spatial correlation degree is proposed.This index is used as the control parameters of real-time image registration.Dual band real-time image registration is carried out based on real-time video image processing emulational platform based on DM642.The experimental results show that,compared with the commonly used algorithm based on the control point or the edge,the image registration algorithm proposed here is more accurate and effective,and it is not influenced by image gray scale change,noise and spectral response characteristics of different band low level light imaging device.


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