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Experimental Study on Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation Microorganisms and Integration of Methanogenesis with Denitrification


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Experimental Study on Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation Microorganisms and Integration of Methanogenesis with Denitrification
CAO Jia-shun12ZHOU Wen-li3ZHANG Yu-tao1WEI Qi-xin1
1.Key Laboratory of Integrated Regulation and Resource Development on Shallow Lakes,Ministry ofEducation,Hohai University,Nanjing 210098,China;2.National Engineering Research Center of WaterResources Efficient Utilization and Engineering Safety,Nanjing 21
anaerobic ammonia oxidation denitrification sludge methanogenesis gas-lift reactors
According to the characteristic of anaerobic ammonia oxidation(ANAMMOX) bacteria,denitrification bacteria and methanogenesis bacteria,a gas-lift reactor is used to cultivate ANAMMOX sludge with inoculating denitrifying granular sludge.ANAMMOX microorganisms and integration of methanogenesis with simultaneous denitrification are researched and the disposal effect of high ammonia concentration organic wastewater is reviewed.After 106 days’ operation,the NH3-N removal efficiencies,the TN removal efficiencies,the NO-3-N removal efficiencies,the COD removal efficiencies are 45%,69%,94% and 81% respectively.In the process of reaction,the phenomenon of dephosphorization and phosphine are found and the sludge changes from the gray and black to the brown,yellow and granular.The test on PCR proves that it has better characteristic of ANAMMOX microorganisms.


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