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Dynamic Behavior of Two-prey One-predator Impulsive System with Holling Ⅳ Functional Response


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Dynamic Behavior of Two-prey One-predator Impulsive System with Holling Ⅳ Functional Response
HUANG Wen-tao1WU Xing-jie2LI Wei2
1.School of Mathematics and Computational Science,Gulin University of Electronic Technology,Gulin 541004,China;2.Department of Mathematics,Hefei Teachers College,Hefei 230061,China
two-prey one-predator impulsive differential system impulsive comparison theorem bifurcation chaos Floquent theory
Based on the strategy of integrated pest management,the dynamic behavior of a two-prey one-predator system with Holling Ⅳ functional response,impulsive ratio harvest and constant impulsive release is investigated.By using impulsive comparison theorem,Floquent theory and small amplitude perturbation skill,the critical value of impulsive release is given.One sufficient condition for the two preys to be extinct is proved,and the permanence of the system is proved.Moreover,the two sufficient conditions for the extinction of one of two preys and the permanence of remaining species are given.Numerical simulation shows that: with the increase of constant release,the system has more complex dynamics including periodic doubling bifurcation,chaos and periodic halving bifurcation.


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