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Local-repair Mechanism for Anonymity Routing Algorithm in Ad Hoc


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Local-repair Mechanism for Anonymity Routing Algorithm in Ad Hoc
ZHU Xi-zhiZHANG HongLIU Feng-yu
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
local-repair anonymity routing Ad Hoc
In view of the limitation of the researches on anonymous routing algorithm in Ad Hoc networks in the routing discovery procedure,the routing maintenance procedure is investigated.The local repair mechanism is introduced into the anonymous routing and a secure and efficient algorithm is proposed.It can repair the route rapidly based on a local discovery,significantly improving the performance of the anonymous routing algorithm.Theoretic analysis proves the security.Simulation shows that when the average speed of node is 20 m/s,the delay is reduced by 13%,the delivery rate is increased by 1.5%,and the controlling packets are reduced by 15%.The faster the nodes move,the better the performance of local repair mechanism is.


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