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Influencing Factors of Image Uniformity Affected by Output Probability Distribution of Charge Carrier Multiplier


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Influencing Factors of Image Uniformity Affected by Output Probability Distribution of Charge Carrier Multiplier
ZHOU Bei-beiCHEN QianHE Wei-ji
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
electron multiplying charge-coupled device charge carrier multiplier structure probability generating function probability distribution function
The output probability distribution of charge carrier multiplier(CCM) structure from the electron multiplying charge-coupled device(EMCCD) and its influence on image uniformity are studied.The probability model is established for the CCM structure of EMCCD.And based on the probability generating function(PGF) and its properties,the probability distribution function(PDF) of multiple CCM stages is deduced and its application in improving image uniformity is also discussed.The simulation and the experimental results show that: when the input signal is fixed,the higher the multiplication gain is,the poorer the output image uniformity is;when the multiplication gain is fixed,the stronger the input signal is,the poorer the output image uniformity is.As a conclusion,the image uniformity of the EMCCD under the low light level performs better.The output image uniformity is improved by appropriately decreasing multiplication gain.


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