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Estimation Error Analysis on Optic-electric Tracking System with Intermittent Observations


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Estimation Error Analysis on Optic-electric Tracking System with Intermittent Observations
CHEN Li1XU Zhi-gang12SHENG An-dong1
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Science,Huaihai Institute of Technology,Lianyungang 222005,China
intermittent observations optic-electric tracking system error analysis Riccati equation Cramer-Rao lower bounds
In order to evaluate the tracking performance of tracking systems with intermittent observations,a modified unbiased converted measurement Kalman Filtering(UCMKF) algorithm is presented by means of projection theorem.A sufficient condition for uniform boundedness of the average of estimation error covariance,and a group of recursive upper and lower bounds of the average Cramer-Rao low bounds(CRLB) of tracking systems are obtained using a modified Riccati equation and a modified CRLB.Monte-Carlo simulation results show that the recursive upper and lower bounds are close to the average CRLB of tracking systems as the sample-collecting time increases.


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