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Real-time Pricing of Reactive Power Based on Value of Reactive Power


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Real-time Pricing of Reactive Power Based on Value of Reactive Power
KANG Ming-cai1MA Qin-guo2XU Xiao-liang3
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Development Planning Division,Shanxi Provincial Electric Power Company,Xi’an 710048,China;3.Research and Development Center,Nari-relays Co.Ltd.,Nanjing 211102,China
power market reactive power service value of reactive power pricing of reactive power
The method of ERPC(Equivalent reactive power compensation) is improved to measure the difference among reactive resources.An average method is proposed to define reactive value factors which are introduced to the OPF(Optimized power flow) model.The real-time pricing model of reactive power is presented which involves both reactive power cost and adjustment of reactive power value factors.The simulation result in the Wald-Hale 6-bus system shows this model makes the system get more reactive power from generations with larger value and it also improves security and stabilization of power system.


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