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Comparison of Simulation Results of Local Contact Deformable Models on Multiple Elastic-plastic Impacts of Simply Supported Beam


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Comparison of Simulation Results of Local Contact Deformable Models on Multiple Elastic-plastic Impacts of Simply Supported Beam
LIU Zhong-hua1YIN Xiao-chun1TANG Liang2
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Gear Transmission Department,CSR QishuyanLocomotive and Rolling Stock Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Changzhou 213011,China
contact models simply supported beams multiple impacts contact forces dynamic response
In view of the problem of an elastic perfectly-plastic simply supported beam impacted horizontally by a round-nosed rigid mass,the effect of the three local contact deformable models,the elastic-plastic shear deformation(EPS) model,the Johnson’s blunt indentation(BI) model and the uniaxial compression(UC) model,on multiple elastic-plastic impacts between a round-nosed rigid mass and a simply supported beam is investigated.By introducing the conditions of multiple impacts and multiple separations and using the finite difference method,the three local contact deformable models are extended to simulate multiple elastic-plastic impacts phenomenon.The simulation shows that the EPS model,the BI model and the UC model can be applied to simulate the multiple elastic-plastic impacts phenomenon.Although the three models have differences in the simulations of impact forces,the simulations of the distributions of the impact forces,such as the beginnings and the endings of the impact zones,are in good agreement each other.In addition,the simulation results of the dynamic responses of multiple elastic-plastic impacts,such as the displacement of the beam’s mid-point,the mass velocity and the beam stress are also in good agreement.


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