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Optimization of Generator Unit Commitment Including AGC Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm


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Optimization of Generator Unit Commitment Including AGC Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
ZHANG Jun-fang1QIN Hong-xia2JIA Jin3WU Jun-ji1
1.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Beijing Sifang Automation Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100085,China;3.Dispatching Station,Anhui Provincial Chaohu Electric Power Company,Chaohu 238000,China
genetic algorithm principle of equal incremental rate generator unit commitment automatic generation control
To reduce the generating cost,a method for generator unit commitment including automatic generation control(AGC) is studied here.Based on the improved genetic algorithm,a new model of generator unit commitment including AGC is established.For the existing deficiencies of the standard genetic algorithm and particularity of the model on generator unit commitment including AGC,a variable-length binary encoding is proposed and a special genetic operation is designed,in which the principle of equal incremental rate is used for the continuous variables.The simulations of the 16-machine and 24-hour system show that the results from the improved genetic algorithms and mode optimize 11.33% compared with the results from real encoding.A preferable performance is achieved in search range and convergence speed.The method is suitable for large and medium generating systems.


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