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Thermodynamic Analysis for Synthesis of Ethyl Methyl Carbonate from Dimethyl Carbonate and Diethyl Carbonate


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Thermodynamic Analysis for Synthesis of Ethyl Methyl Carbonate from Dimethyl Carbonate and Diethyl Carbonate
GUO Deng-fengLIU NaLUO Shi-pingXUE Bing
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Jiangsu Polytechnic University,Changzhou 213164,China
ethyl methyl carbonate group contributions thermodynamic analysis equilibrium constant
In order to obtain the thermodynamic data of the synthesis of ethyl methyl carbonate(EMC) from dimethyl carbonate(DMC) and diethyl carbonate(DEC),the standard molar enthalpies of formation,Gibbs free energy and molar heat capacity under constant pressure are calculated by the method of Benson group contributions.The enthalpy change,free energy change,equilibrium constant and equilibrium conversion rate of the reaction are calculated and discussed according to the principles of chemical thermodynamics under 300~1 000 K.The results show that the free energy change in the synthesis of EMC by transesterification of DMC with DEC is negative and the reaction is thermodynamically feasible.The free energy change decreases with the increase in the temperature,and higher temperature is in favor of the reaction.The equilibrium constant of the reaction is only 33.20 even at 1 000 K and the spontaneous degree of the reaction is low.


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