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Construction and Simulation of Worm Propagation Model in MIPv6 Networks


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Construction and Simulation of Worm Propagation Model in MIPv6 Networks
XU Yan-gui12QIAN Huan-yan1DU Hong-jun3
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Department of Self-propelled Gun,Shenyang Artillery Academy,Shenyang 110162,China;3.Unit 65181 of PLA,Shenyang 112611,China
MIPv6 networks MIPv6 nodes network security computer worms worm propagation models
In order to prevent the propagation of MIPv6 worm,a new type of worm called MIPv6-Worm is presented in MIPv6 network environment.A method is presented to calculate the contact rate of MIPv6 nodes.In MIPv6 networks,propagation strategy of worm is analyzed and researched.MIPv6-Worm model(MWM),an epidemic model of MIPv6 network worm,is established.The simulation results show: during the initial stage of MIPv6-Worm propagation in MIPv6 network environment and in the time of 117s,the propagation reaches the summit.Each node turns to immune state at last.The propagation probability of MIPv6-Worm is proportional to the communication radius of nodes,distribution density of susceptible nodes and velocity of nodes.The model simulates the spread process of worm correctly in MIPv6 networks,and provides a theoretical basis for taking effective measures to prevent the propagation of MIPv6 worm in the large scale.


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