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Investigation on Mechanism and Extension of Feedback:An Extended Closed-loop Coordinate Control of Interconnection-regulation and Feedback


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Investigation on Mechanism and Extension of Feedback:An Extended Closed-loop Coordinate Control of Interconnection-regulation and Feedback
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
feedback control interconnections regulation obstruction and isolation control emergency control
Since Wiener proposed the Cybernetics,feedback has always been the most fundamental concept and methodology for control theory and engineering.This paper summarizes the development of the existing feedback control and the emergency interconnections control.It is pointed that the mechanism of the closed-loop feedback can be regarded to be a design to realize the desired performance by changing the interconnections of the systems via feedback gains.However,in many practical systems,especially,in large-scale systems,some of the interconnections may be regulated directely.Usually,the interconnections can be devided into two parts: fixed part and regulatable part.The regulatable part can be assigned directly in an open-loop way while the closed-loop feedback control is implemented in a coordinate way.A novel control way is thus proposed: it consists of an open-loop interconnections assigning and a classical closed-loop feedback control.The analysis shows that this technique not only describes a large class of emergency control strategy but also extends the limitation of feedback control.With this strategy,almost all existing closed-loop feedback control theories and their corresponding methodogy can be extended to a new sphere.


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