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Efficient Goal-mouth Detection Method Based on SVM


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Efficient Goal-mouth Detection Method Based on SVM
ZHANG Yu-zhenHE XinWANG Jian-yuDAI Yue-weiFAN Bai-chao
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
goal-mouth detection support vector machine video retrieval Top-Hat transform
To efficiently detect a goal-mouth with complicated backgrounds in soccer video,this paper proposes a goal-mouth detection algorithm based on support vector machine(SVM).For each frame,a Top-Hat transform is used to enhance white color and the achieved RGB image is converted to a grayscale intensity image and then converted to a binary image.Based on the morphologic connection analysis,the two longest vertical lines meeting some conditions are achieved and seen as potential goalposts and the feature vector can be computed.With the help of strong study ability from SVM,the goal-mouth is detected.Experiments prove that this algorithm is not only efficient,but also has higher robustness and is more flexible compared with the existing algorithms for goal-mouth detection.


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