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Fault Detection of Networked Control Systems Based on Neural Network Prediction


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Fault Detection of Networked Control Systems Based on Neural Network Prediction
ZHANG Jie1BO Yu-ming1Lü Ming2
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Center of Product Research andDevelopment,Nanjing North Information Industry Group Ltd.,Nanjing 211153,China
networked control systems fault detection output delay neural network prediction observers
Considering a class of networked control system with long time delays,and assuming that the system has output delays,the fault detection is carried out.Neural network prediction for the delay sampling value of the network control system make the control system with long time delays a control system without delay.The error equation of the fault observer is constructed based on a neural network prediction.The stability condition of this observer is proved.When the system is normal and the given inequality condition is satisfied,the observer system is stable.When a fault occurs,the observer residue can change rapidly and detect the occurrence of the fault.Finally,an illustrative example is given to demonstrate that the method here can well predict the network-induced delay time and detect fault of the network control system.


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