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Self-organization Evolution Model of Supply Chain Resources Synergy


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Self-organization Evolution Model of Supply Chain Resources Synergy
HUANG Xiao-wei1HE Ming-sheng12
1.School of Management,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China;2.School ofSocial Development,East China University of Political Science and Law,Shanghai 201620,China
supply chain resources synergy order parameters self-organization
For the self-organization evolution issues of the supply chain,a self-organization evolution model is established by using collaborative theory and system dynamics approach.With the analysis of the model,this paper concludes that the collaborative ability and the profit ability determine the evolution of self-organization.When the system parameters meet the non-stable conditions,random fluctuations cause the system ordered structure to change.This model reveals the evolution process and the nature of supply chain resources synergy,which provides a theoretical guide for the supply chain enterprises.


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