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Experiment on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Loitering Munitions with Non-circular Cross Section


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Experiment on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Loitering Munitions with Non-circular Cross Section
JI Xiu-lingZHANG Tai-hengHE Guang-lin
National Key Laboratory of Mechatronics Engineering and Control,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China
non-circular cross section body loitering munitions aerodynamics wind tunnel experiments
In order to investigate the aerodynamics of a loitering munition with a non-circular cross section,a suit of wind tunnel experiment models is designed with a modularized method,and 6-component measuring experiments are conducted under the conditions of Ma=0.4~0.6.The experimental results indicate that the non-circular cross section body can provide a finite lift up to 10 percent at a high attack angle(α≥ 6°).The side force and yaw moment of the loitering munition change linearly with the sideslip angle within little sideslip angles.The loitering munition has good longitudinal,yawing and rolling static stability,and high lift-to-drag ratio.Its aerodynamic parameters have excellent linearization within usable angles of attack.


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