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Carrier Loop Design for High-dynamic GPS Signal Based on DSP+FPGA


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Carrier Loop Design for High-dynamic GPS Signal Based on DSP+FPGA
HU RuiXUE Xiao-zhongSUN Rui-shengDUAN Xiao-ju
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
high dynamics global positioing system signals carrier acquisition carrier tracking frequency locked loop Costas-phase lock loop
In order to improve GPS signal’s acquisition,tracking performance in a high dynamic environment,the sequential logic,loop parameters and high dynamic changes under the Doppler frequency shift are analysed.The wide bandwidth and high-order tracking loop is used.A loop to carrier acquisition and tracking is designed based on DSP+FPGA.By signal’s Fourier transform,field programmable gate array(FPGA) is used to complete fast carrier first capture and second precise acquisition,while digital signal processor(DSP) is used to realize an automatically adjusted second-order FLL-assisted third-order Costas-PLL which makes the loop have the anti-high dynamic performance and still have a high tracking accuracy.Simulation results show that the design can achieve GPS carrier’s fast acquisition and accurate tracking in high dynamic environment.


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