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Plastic Constitutive Relations and Numerical Simulation of TiNi Alloy Based on Experiments


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Plastic Constitutive Relations and Numerical Simulation of TiNi Alloy Based on Experiments
DENG Shi-chunLI Yong-chiHU Xiu-zhangLI Jian-yangGAO Guang-fa
Department of Modern Mechanics,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230027,China
TiNi alloy shape memory alloy material test system elastoplastic constitutive relation three dimension ABAQUS numerical simulation
For the particular phenomenon in the quasi-static stretching of TiNi alloy,a one-dimensional constitutive relation of shape memory alloy(SMA) is extended to three dimension based on experiments and elastoplastic theory.Quasi-static experiments are conducted on a hydraulically driven load frame(Material test system,MTS).A user defined material subroutine(UMAT) is developed for ABAQUS application.Simulations for the abnormal fracture behavior of TiNi alloy are conducted and the results show a good accordance with the experimental results.All that can afford a certain reference for the experimental design of SMA.


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