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Modeling and Controlling Method for Vehicle ESP System


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Modeling and Controlling Method for Vehicle ESP System
MA Chun-hui12WU Zhi-lin1WANG Liang-mo1LI Song-yan3
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Department of Ships and Harbor Engineering,Jiangsu Maritime Institute,Nanjing 211170,China;3.Department of Electrical and Automative Engineering,Zhongshan Institute,Nanjing 210049,China
electronic stability program vehicle models yaw angular velocity fuzzy control
To improve the stability and the safety of the vehicle operation,according to the electronic stability program(ESP) characteristics,this paper builds a vehicle model with seven degrees of freedom which includes Magic Formula tire model.The software MATLAB/SIMULINK is used to convert from a mathematic model to a simulation model and the simulation is analyzed.By using fuzzy control,a parameter self-tuning fuzzy-PI controller which can control the feedback of yaw angular velocity and the side angle of the mass center is designed based on the nonlinear time-varying characteristics of ESP.The simulation result shows that the yaw angular velocity and cardiac side angle can be well controlled by this method.The vehicle stability can be enhanced remarkably.


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