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Dynamic Compensation Secure Steganographic Algorithm in Prediction-error Domain


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Dynamic Compensation Secure Steganographic Algorithm in Prediction-error Domain
ZHANG ZhanLIU Guang-jieWANG Jun-wenDAI Yue-weiWANG Zhi-quan
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
information hiding steganography dynamic compensation Markov chain second-order distribution maintain prediction-error domain
In order to ensure the high-order statistical security of stego-images into which large amount of information is embedded,the image Markov chain model is extended to the prediction-error domain of image.Based on the dynamic compensation theory,a novel steganographic algorithm preserving second-order statistical properties in prediction-error domain is proposed.According to the changes of cover-image prediction-error Markov chain statistical distribution,the algorithm guides embedded functions to make use of post-embedding secret information to compensate dynamically the second-order statistical changes of cover-image caused by pre-embedding.The statistical security of stego-image is improved without loss of the steganographic capacity.The experimental results show: when large-capacity information is embedded,the proposed algorithm has high ability to preserve the second-order statistical properties in prediction-error domains of cover images and to improve the steganographic security.


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