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Optimal Algorithm of Voltage Vector Based on Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation


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Optimal Algorithm of Voltage Vector Based on Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
HAO Shuang-huiLIU JieCAI YiHAO Ming-hui
School of Mechatronics Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
space vectors alternating current servo pulse width modulation votage vector optimization
In the space vector pulse width modulation for current control of ac servo system,the usual algorithm that limits voltage reference makes the bus voltage not be used adequately and causes voltage vector direction errors.To solve the problem,this paper proposes an algorithm based on limiting the line voltage and transferring the center point of the phase voltage.The analysis result in one cycle indicates that the voltage vector mode obtained by the proposed algorithm is larger than that obtained by usual method,the bus voltage can be used adequately,and there are no direction errors in 63.3% of cycle.


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