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Calculation of History of Ablation Depth of Al Target Irradiated by Intense Pulsed Laser Using Evaporation-condensation Theory


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Calculation of History of Ablation Depth of Al Target Irradiated by Intense Pulsed Laser Using Evaporation-condensation Theory
WANG Guang-anZHANG Yu-zhuLU JianNI Xiao-wu
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
intense pulsed laser ablation evaporation-condensation method pulse duration history of ablation depth
In order to avoid the complicated physical problems involved in the intense pulsed laser ablation,a method for calculating the depth history of laser ablation using the disciplines of evaporation and condensation is presented.With the histories of pressure and temperature of the vapor at the target surface,the formulas for calculating the history of ablation depth are given.The history of ablation depth at the spot center irradiated by the laser pulse at 1.06 μm with pulse duration of 20 ns and peak intensity of 500 MW/cm2 is calculated.The calculation result is highly consistent with the results in literature.The longer the laser pulse is,the more validity the result has.


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