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PLRC-FDTD Simulation of Microwave Reflection and Transmission Coefficients in Laser-induced-plasma


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PLRC-FDTD Simulation of Microwave Reflection and Transmission Coefficients in Laser-induced-plasma
WU Ying1NI Xiao-wu1CHEN Jian-ping2
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Beijing Aeronautical Technology Research Center,Beijing 100076,China
piecewise linear recursive convolution finite difference time domain laser-induced-plasma microwaves
The effect of laser-induced-plasma on microwave transmission characteristic is studied using piecewise linear recursive convolution-finite difference time domain(PLRC-FDTD).The microwave reflection and transmission coefficients are calculated.The results show that: with the increase of the plasma frequency,the reflection coefficient increases while the transmission coefficient decreases,and the bandwidth of the reflection coefficient at 0 dB increases with the increase of the plasma frequency.The increasing collision frequency results in the decreasing reflection coefficient and the increasing transmission coefficient.The strong reflection is difficult to realize in inhomogeneous plasma.The results provide a theoretical basis for laser-induced-plasma stealth.


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