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Stab Resistance of Kevlar Composites Impregnated with Shear Thickening Fluid


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Stab Resistance of Kevlar Composites Impregnated with Shear Thickening Fluid
LIU JunXIONG Dang-shengXIONG Hua-chao
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
shear thickening fluids composite materials stab resistance impregnation
The transient received-force response and the penetration depth of the Kevlar composites impregnated with shear thickening fluid(STF) are studied by a self-made drop-hammer tester.The energy-absorbing mechanism of the STF-Kevlar composites during penetration is analyzed.The experimental results show that the peak value of the stab resistance and penetration force of the impregnated Kevlar fabrics rises to about 400 N and the first level stress response time decreases to 3.5 ms while the penetration depth reduces less.The composites impregnated with middle concentration dispersion prepared with 120 nm SiO2 nano particles show the good stab resistance increases to 2.7 times of pure Kevlar fabrics,and their penetration depth reduces by ten percent.


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