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Model-based 3D Motion Estimation of Elastic Articulated Objects


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Model-based 3D Motion Estimation of Elastic Articulated Objects
PAN Hai-lang1SUN Hua2SHI Lei3DAI Yue-wei1
1. Schoo l o fAutom ation, NU ST, N anjing 210094, Ch ina; 2. Departm ent of Resources, Environment and U rban and Rura l Plann ing, N anjing Agricu lturalUn iversity, Nan jing 210095, Ch ina; 3. Institute ofAutom ation, Ch inese A cademy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
elastic articulated objects conic curves motion estimation
To offer a good tradeoff between computational complexity and model precision in non-rigid motion analysis,a method of 3D motion estimation for elastic articulated objects(human bodies) based on the conic curves is presented.A human body 3D model is established.The 3D deformation and motion parameters based on the proposed model are estimated by a sequence of stereo images.The 3D motion parameters are estimated based on the 3D model of conic curves and the corresponding equations of its two projections in image plane.The experimental results of human arm motion estimation demonstrate that the model-based estimation method can estimate the human motion parameters properly.


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