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Digitalized Multilevel SPWM Method Based on Cg-superposition Theorem


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Digitalized Multilevel SPWM Method Based on Cg-superposition Theorem
ZHANG Yan-liFEI Wan-min
School of Electrical and Automation Engineering,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210042,China
multilevel inverters sine pulse width modulation cg-superposition theorem harmonics fundamentals
To overcome the shortcomings of the multi-carrier based sine pulse width modulation(SPWM) method,a novel digital cg-superposition SPWM(CSSPWM) scheme is proposed.The first quarter cycle of reference sine signal into several sections is divided equally.The reference signal in each section is substituted by protruding signals with same area.Their centers of gravity are superposed.The CSSPWM method is not restricted to the topology and numbers of output levels of the multilevel inverters and fit for all kinds of multilevel inverters.Taking a five-level inverter as an example,the CSSPWM method is investigated by simulation and experiment.The results prove that the CSSPWM method has lower total harmonic deformation and higher precision of fundamental control.


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