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Transient Wave Effect Approach for Multiple-pounding Dynamic Responses of Bridges


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Transient Wave Effect Approach for Multiple-pounding Dynamic Responses of Bridges
XU RanYIN Xiao-chun
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
bridges multiple-poundings dynamic responses transient wave effect approach
To precisely calculate the transient wave response of bridges under earthquakes,the effect of multiple-pounding on the seismic response and the security performance for bridges is researched.The single-pier and two-span continuous girder bridges under severe vertical earthquakes may be apart from the supports,the Bernoulli-Euler beam model is employed to describe the superstructure and the St.VENANT rod theory is used to simulate the pier structure.The transient wave propagation theory is used to study the multiple-pounding between the superstructure and the pier by means of the artificial earthquake in the form of sinusoidal excitation instead of vertical earthquakes.The transient wave effect approach is proposed to calculate the multiple-pounding transient dynamic responses of bridges.It can avoid solving the strongly nonlinear equation coupled of pounding force and can calculate the transient wave responses of multiple-pounding and separation process accurately.The phenomenon of the pounding-induced transient wave propagation in the structure can be found clearly.The results show that the multiple-pounding force is huge.With the increase of the elastic modulus of piers,the maximum multiple-pounding force is increased and the maximum movement on the top of piers is decreased.The multiple-poundings caused by vertical earthquakes have a significant impact on the seismic response of bridges,which should be considered in the seismic design for continuous girder bridges.


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