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Optimal Guidance Law of Satellite Guided Bombs with Large Landing Angle


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Optimal Guidance Law of Satellite Guided Bombs with Large Landing Angle
DOU LeiYANG Xin-min
National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Ballistics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
landing angles satellite guided bombs optimal guidance law minimum principle Riccati equation
An optimal guidance law is researched to meet the trajectory requirements of large landing angle for satellite guided bombs.Based on the characteristics of satellite guided bombs,the missile-target motion state equations are established.The optimal guidance law is designed by using minimum principle and solving Riccati equation respectively and the results are accordant.The optimal guidance law is simplified and the suboptimal guidance law is given to adapt to engineering and simulation.Whole ballistic simulations of six degree-of-freedom are made by using the suboptimal guidance law and compared with the simulation results of general proportional navigation guidance law.The landing angle of the proposed method increases 60 percent.This guidance law can improve landing angle and hit precision significantly and meet the trajectory requirements of satellite guided bombs.


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