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Design of Adaptive Federated H Filter for Rapid Transfer Alignment


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Design of Adaptive Federated H Filter for Rapid Transfer Alignment
HU Jian1MA Da-wei1CHENG Xiang-hong2ZHOU Bai-ling2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Instrument Science and Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
rapid transfer alignment federated H∞ filter adaptive algorithms Elman network
Considering the high filter order,the huge calculation burden,the poor robustness and the low accuracy of the centralized Kalman filter for rapid transfer alignment,a federated H∞ filter is presented here to realize rapid transfer alignment.The structure and algorithm of the federated H∞filter is designed.The filter employs a two-stage data fusing architecture which contains two sensor-dedicated local filters and a master filter to fuse the local filters’ outputs.The whole task is assigned to be performed synchronously by two local filters.The calculation burden is alleviated.An improved Elman network is proposed to adjust information sharing coefficients adaptively and detect subsystem malfunction to realize the adaptive share of fusing information in each subsystem and isolate the malfunctioning subsystem that has been detected.Simulation results show that the calculation speed and robustness is improved and the alignment accuracy is about one order of magnitude higher by using this method.


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