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Structure Design and Controllability Analysis of Magnetorheological Fan Clutch


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Structure Design and Controllability Analysis of Magnetorheological Fan Clutch
HU Hong-sheng12WANG Jiong1CUI Liang1JIANG Xue-zheng1ZHANG Li-jie1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Jiaxing University,Jiaxing 314001,China
magnetorheology fans clutches torque magnetic circuits controllability
According to the problem of being unable to realize real-time consecutive adjustment of fan rotary speed for traditional driving modes of engine clutch,which results in unnecessary engine power loss and excessive cooling,a new fan clutch using magnetorheological(MR) fluid as the transmission medium is designed.Based on the Bingham model of MR fluid and Navier-Stokes equation of uncompressible viscous fluid,a torque transfer model of a MR fluid clutch is established,and parameters’ effects on the output torque in the established model are analyzed.According to the magnetic circuit design theory,two design methods of magnetic circuit for a MR fluid clutch are provided.The magnetic circuit for a MR fluid clutch is numerically analyzed by using ANSYS software,and the correctness of the theoretical calculation result is verified.A series of test specimens of a MR fluid clutch is optimized and designed.Experimental investigations on the static,output and speed regulation characteristics of test specimens are carried out with the developed performance testing platform for a MR fluid clutch.The experimental results show that the output static torque of the MR fan clutch reaches 13 N·m under 2A input current.The increasing extent of a torque is relatively small with the increment of speed difference,and the output torque ranges from 0.4 N·m to 0.8 N·m.The output speed controllability is proved by load characteristic test.


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