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Two-phase Flow Model in Combustion Chamber of Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun


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Two-phase Flow Model in Combustion Chamber of Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun
LIU NingZHANG Xiang-yan
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
regenerative liquid propellant guns combustion chamber two-phase flow spray combustion pressure oscillation
To study the interior ballistic process of a regenerative liquid propellant gun(RLPG),a one-dimensional two-phase flow mathematical model in the combustion chamber of a RLPG is established.The gas phase control equation is unsteady Euler equations while the liquid phase control equation is described by Lagrangian equation.The coupling of the two phases is implicated in the source terms of equations.The gas phase control equations are calculated by MacCormack’s two-step predictor-corrector difference scheme of second order accuracy and the analytic method is used for calculation of the liquid phase control equation.A PSI-Cell method is used for the coupling of gas and liquid phases.The process of spray combustion of a RLPG and pressure oscillations is simulated,the second order longitudinal mode of the pressure oscillation is set up by numerically simulation.The time-space distributions of main physical parameters are obtained and the effects of structure parameters on the process in the chamber are discussed.The simulation results show the gas pressure and the velocity fluctuation range in the chamber are larger than those in the tube due to the throttling action of tube entrance.The chamber pressure and its oscillation amplitude increase with the enlargement of the differential area ratio and the nozzle area of a piston. c


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