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Kinematics and Statics Performances Analysis of Novel Parallel Hydraulic Press


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Kinematics and Statics Performances Analysis of Novel Parallel Hydraulic Press
PENG Bin-binZENG Liang-binSUN Yu
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
hydraulic press kinematics statics dimensional models performance atlas
To design a novel parallel hydraulic press with prominent kinematics and statics performances,the dimensional model of the parallel hydraulic press is established by member dimensionless parameters.All the possible dimensional parameter combinations of the parallel hydraulic press are expressed in a finite region and each point in the region corresponds to a group of mechanisms having the same or similar performance.Based on the mechanism theory,the relationships of kinematics and statics between the input and output for the parallel hydraulic press are established.Two performance evaluation indexes of kinematics and statics performances,namely effective stroke and average output force,are presented.The performance atlases describing the relationships between the dimensional parameter combinations and mechanism performances is obtained based on the proposed dimensional model and evaluation indexes designed.Based on the performance atlas,the design of parallel hydraulic press can be optimized.


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